I orchestrate software experiences to enhance users' lives

Designing Direct Sales

Making a cosmetics company’s backend handle explosive growth.

Optimizing Office Management

Revolutionizing the Physical Therapy industry with design.

Enhancing Higher Education

Creating an engaging way to present discounted education.

A Little About Me

I currently manage a team of 6 Senior Product Designers at a software development agency.

I made my first website in middle school using Microsoft FrontPage. I’ve come a long way from then, studying everything from film-making to accounting to advertising.

I love to work in the space where accomplishing business goals meets bringing out positive user emotions. All in all, I have an entrepreneurial spirit and love to make interactive, engaging experiences.

Photo of James Taylor, UX Designer

Other Things I’ve Done

Viral Deforestation

Viral Deforestation

A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation