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Giving a Cosmetics Company a Makeover

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SeneGence was experiencing explosive growth when I got to work on this project. Like many direct sales companies, their system had been built on an as-needed basis, resulting in a disjointed and confusing user experience. I worked with another designer and a team of developers to refine the experience of two major portions of their system:

Lead UX Designer

Present Progress to Stakeholders
Plan and Conduct User Interviews
UI Design

Distributor Backoffice

The homebase for every direct sales representative. This is where distributors could do everything from view their current rank to ordering product to learning about upcoming events. The challenge was provide the users intuitive ways to perform complex tasks and easily digest the information infront of them.

Distributor Websites

One tool offered to distributors was a customizable shopping site for selling to customers online. To up the ante, these sites were the only ones distributors were supposed to use for this purpose. While allowing some user-focused features, the challenge we faced was to create an experience that met business needs while pleasing its direct sales force.


Distributor Users




Raving reviews

Rethinking Product Returns

By the time I started working on this project, a lot of the heavy design lifting had been done on the backoffice. The largest task I tackled was to redesign the experience around returning products. The old system was clunky and discouraging. Pulling inspiration from other ecommerce sites, I redesigned a 17-page process to fit intuitively on one page.

Interviewing Distributors 

The distributor websites design had not changed in a long time. Thankfully, the SeneGence team was interested in finding out what their users wanted improved before we tackled a redesign. So I organized the research effort and found insights I would not have found any other way.

^ The previous design before I started on the project ^

Interviewed 10 Distributors

I wrote a script, scheduled remote meetings, and ran the interviews.

Key Findings

Distributors wanted a way to make the page their own. They also wanted to sell personal inventory on the site.

Bringing Business and User Needs Together

After reviewing the user research with the SeneGence team, we discussed what features were acceptable to the business and highest priority for the users. Ultimately we created a modern design that allowed users to customize their hero image. It also features a large profile picture to make the distributor more clear.

But what I am most proud of is the inventory system we built that came directly from the research. Now distributors could sell their own inventory through their site – a major win for both the business and the users.

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