Creating Hope for Higher Education

Higher education has become inaccessible to those who need it most. So much so, that some of even concluded that it will not benefit them or be worthwhile. How do you convince of the value of college education when they have no experience with it? That was the goal of this project. The challenge was to figure out an interactive way to engage potential students across the globe and motivate them to pursue discounted education options available to them.

UX Design Manager (Lead)

Help Facilitate Design Sprint
Present Progress to Stakeholders
Coach a Designer to Plan and Conduct User Testing
Review UI Design

App Objectives

Create an interactive survey experience finding out what work users are interested in.

Give recommended certificates based on survey answers, allowing users to see all options available.

Show marketability information for their specific region, potential jobs, and plans of how to get started.




enrolled users


Certificate Options

Hitting the Ground Design Sprinting

Our team facilitated a design sprint to kick off this project. We were able to have a variety of stakeholders in one room for a week representing cirriculum developers, student support, and program stakeholders. Through our group think, I was able to combine our ideas into whiteboarded sketches that ultimately became the overall UX.

Interviewing a Global Audience

Before doing high fidelity designs, we wanted to make sure we had the user experience and interactivity spot on. To do that, I created an interactive prototype in Framer. I mentored my partner designer through conducting his first user interviews.

My favorite experience was waking up at 4 am to conduct a remote interview with a user in the Philippines.

A Motivating Survey Experience

One of our biggest challenges was creating a survey experience that would be collect the information we needed while also being short and interactive. We got inspiration from gamified applications like DuoLingo. We included iconography that would transcend languages and encourage users to reflect on their actual interests.

Making Results Personal

The final step in the app was to see your recommended certificates and have the opportunity to learn more about them. Since the application was something users could come back to, we added the ability to favorite certificates. This also helped on the business side for guidance counselers speaking with students. To give credibility to certificates, we also showed an indicator of marketability for the chosen line of work. (The image to left only contains an example and not real data).

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