Helping Physical Therapy Offices With Mobility

Example Physical Therapy Flowsheet

Physical Therapy records are required to get paid, but tedious to manage. The above image shows the types of activities you have to track. I worked with a client to redesign the UX of an electronic medical record (EMR) application they had already created. The challenge was to simplify the complexity of HIPAA record management to be usable on a tablet by Physical Therapists on the floor.

UX Design Manager

Help Facilitate Design Sprint
Present Progress to Stakeholders
Plan and Conduct User Testing
UI Design

A Homescreen for Every User

From the front desk to the therapy floor, every employee needed a way to access their most important information. To handle this, we designed a homescreen that would have navigational avenues that catered to each user. This screen also focused on productivity, complete with a to-do list feature, scoring tools, and daily view of appointments.

Whiteboard sketch of flowsheet
wireframe of flowsheet

Getting the EMR Right

The flowsheet is the most critical part of the system. It is the primary record that is kept and is used every day by the front desk and the doctors. To ensure we nailed it, I created a prototype in InVision and conducted remote interviews with users from both situations. The feedback we received was absolutely valuable and provided insights we could implement right away.

An Experience Approached Design

After the leg work was done, I team designed this part of the application with one the designers I managed. Together we were able to create an experience that met the needs of the client, upgrading Physical Therapy a long way from pencil and paper.

Final Flowsheet Design on ipad

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